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Monday, May 21, 2012

May 18, 2012 - The DATA Stream Ep. 5 feat. Phil Johnson


Phil Johnson - Comedian/Musician  --

Phil Johnson joined us on The DATA Stream this week to talk about his career as a Comedian/Musician.  Check out his website for more information on him and to pick up his awesome CD's, DVD's and more!


The "Shin Kicking Championships"

Cotswold Olimpicks - Started by Robert Dover in 1612.  This year is the 400th anniversary of the Cotswold Olimpicks and the event will run from 2pm to Midnight on June 1st, 2012.  Typical events of these games are:  Shin-Kicking Contest, Tug-of-War, Champion of the Hill & 5 Mile Race.  They also have such events as Shuffle Board Race, Straw Bale Race, Slipping & Sliding Race as well as the ever popular, Dwile Flonking.  The DATA Stream team were all quite unaware of such activities and when we asked our Sports expert, Vince Atlass, about Dwile Flonking we were told that it consists of two teams, each taking a turn to dance around the other while attempting to avoid a beer-soaked dwile (cloth) being flung at them by the non-dancing team.  When I did a search on Google for this sport, I found out even more!
A 'dull witted person' is chosen as the referee or 'jobanowl' and the two teams decide who flonks first by tossing a sugar beet.  The game begins when the jobanowl shots "Here y'go t'gither!"  The non-flonking team joins hands and dances in a circle around a member of the flonking team, a practice known as 'girting'.  The flonker dips his dwile-tipped 'driveller' (a pole 2-3 ft. long and made from hazel or yew) into a bucket of beer, then spins around in the opposite direction tot he girters and flonks his dwile at them. 
If the dwile misses completely it is known as a 'swadger' or a 'swage'.  When this happens the flonker must drink the contents of an ale-filled 'gazunder' (chamber pot ('goes-under the bed)) before the wet dwile has passed from hand to hand along the line of now non-girting girters chanting the ancient ceremonial mantra of "pot pot pot".
A full game comprises four 'snurds', each snurd being one team taking a turn at girting.  The jobanowl adds interest and difficulty to the game by randomly switching the direciton of rotation, and will levy drinking penalties on any player found not taking the game seriously enough.
Points are awarded as follows:
* +3:  a 'wanton' - a direct hit on a girter's head
* +2:  a 'morther' or 'marther' - a body hit
* +1:  a 'ripple' or 'ripper' - a leg hit
* -1:  per sober person at the end of the game
At the end of the game, the team with the most number of points wins, and will be awarded a ceremonial pewter gazunder.
Runner Up:  Fesse Hunt

Mitchell Guist dies

Michael Guist – featured on the History Channel’s show “Swamp People” passed away Monday, May 14, 2012 of natural causes.  Mitchell was building a boat with his brother, Glenn, when he suffered an apparent seizure and later died at the Teche Regional Medical Center in Morgan City, Louisiana.

Swamp People is currently into it’s 3rd season this year on History Channel.


I’m In Love

Well ladies we all know how much we love our , how absolutely fabulous we feel when we have them manicured and looking divine. Well look no more for those gorgeous nails and matching jewellery. Formanails is my new love and I am never without them. I guarantee you won’t be either.
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Ladies get down there as soon as you can I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Style Guide:
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EYES: – MAYFLY – Deep Sky Eyes – Deep majorelle

Quirky Fashion Finds
See Through Dress Lets Men Know When Women Are Aroused

Well the description of this quirky fashion find says it all ..... Guys the guess work has been removed when it comes to knowing whether you ... uhhhmmmm .... turn your lady on.  Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has come up with this new high-tech garment that becomes see through as the ladies heart rate rises. The dress is made from a combination of leather and e-foils (the part that becomes see through) and ladies you have a choice of either black or white.
Hmmmm not sure how many women would actually wear this dress as pretty as it is in the fear that all your bits become exposed as you get hotter. Lol I would hate to be the woman that heats up at the drop of a hat with no reason at all. Imagine standing at the club nervous as all hell, your body temperature rising and this dress becoming more transparent as the night goes on …. Ahahahaha….. every man in the club will be thinking they have a chance. WOW.
Having said all that the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga and Rhianna have sported the dress and of course they can pull it off without anyone evening batting an eyelid.
Thought I would share this one with all of you out there. You can find a picture and link below.  Would love to hear your thoughts drop me an email